Relative to jetlag, the thing about traveling east if this – you get here near to be time, totally exhausted and ready to pass out. Stay up until your lids don’t work, go to bed and should be fine. Well, at least in practice. That plan neither prepares you for the half-away dream state planning your brain gets worked up over, trying to decide if it’s worthwhile to reformat the pillows to the China timezone or to just leave them in Mountain Daylight. Nor, are you ready here to wake up at 4AM ready to roll when you’d just be dozing off back home for a nice afternoon nap. In any event, it’s not hard to get up and get going here once you’ve had a night’s sleep.

Forgot last night to mention the bat. One of our crew in the baggage area mentioned the “bird” that was fluttering around near us. It was skimming the floor, much the way a swallow would do a pond. Alternately diving and soaring and flying along the surface of the marble. It wasn’t a bird, it was a bat. And a bat in a large, populated, brightly lit place in the US spells one things only – rabies. Every animal control officer within 100 square miles would be mobilized to deal with it. But not here – the bat was merrily feeding and everyone just went on.

Off to the park, more later…..