One of the things we like to do here is monitor the tides. Not only is an awareness of them useful when it comes to birding, but it’s nice to be in touch with the natural cycle of things.

Currently, the Sun and the Moon and the Earth are in this weird straight alignment. And any time you get something weird celestially, you get weird tides. Today, there are four vs. the normal two. Tomorrow, the high occurs earlier than it did today. Very odd. Tides are fun, and someday I hope to actually understand them.

A bit about our locale. Tonight we’re coming to you from a bar, bar visitation being something that we don’t normally do. We’ve got smoke, we’ve got margaritas, we’ve got chips/salsa and we’ve got Monday Night Football. It’s an interesting place this Marina Cantina – lots of Jimmy Buffett clones talking really loudly. I hope I don’t get in a fight, because My Lovely Wife, being taller than every other man in the place is going to have to defend me.

The wireless connection is good, but not good enough to upload pictures so you’re just going to have to live with what you’re getting. My rapier-like wit, finely honed by a bit of tequila observing the wharf rats living their lives.