Well the sad news is I cannot post any photos. Apparently it’s a genuine problem because I noticed another user in the help group with the same error. Hopefully they’ll shake it out soon.

After a brief nap yesterday I headed out for walk around center city Dublin. Reminds me a lot of Boston in the layout and busyness. Went across the main canal and walked up Leeson to Saint Stephen’s Green, a large city park. It’s spring here, so the magnolias were in bloom and spring bulbs were lining all the walkways. Crossed over the park and headed into Grafton Street, the main shopping district.

Quincy Market, Nanjing Lu, Fisherman’s Wharf – they all share the same shopping intensity, along with Dublin’s version. Essentially a warren of streets converted to pedestrian thoroughfares, every thing you can imagine was for sale here. From Rolexes to knit rasta caps. Dozens and dozens of restaurants were all opening up for their dinnertime clientele.

I wandered around there for an hour or so and then headed down into Temple Bar, a slighhtly seedier version of Grafton. From there across the Liffey River to the north side, with the grittyness increasing as I headed north. It was beginning to get dark, so I headed back towards the hotel and a room service dinner of a club sandwich concocted of chicken salad, back bacon and arugula. After dinner and a few minutes of reading, it was clear my eyes were not going to provide service any longer, so it was lights out at 8 PM.