Did well until I took the wrong exit out of the next to last roundabout and had to do a return to get back on track. Followed that up with a good, strong encounter between the curb and the passenger side in the roundabout I should’ve taken in the first place.

Couple of words about my hotel. It reminds me of the one used in “The Shining”. The corridors go on forever. It’s about a 3 kilometer walk from the elevator to my room. Space and time are somehow being stretched and then compressed into this regular city block.

One very cool feature is the shower control. It’s separate from the bath control and it consists of two parts. A dial to set flow and a lever to set temperature. You can set the temperature wherever you want it, and it stays there forever, or until you change it. Very neat, no fiddling with settings ever again.

And here’s a shot of the food, in keeping with my blogging tradition. No frogs or waving lobster antennae here.