Wow, they were not kidding when they estimated 300,000 St. Paddy’s Day tourists, the airport this morning was insane.

Made it here okay after a crappy night’s sleep due to the gale blowing outside my window. The directions Tom gave me were impeccable I cruised right it. The streets were expectedly dark at 4 AM, but I was shocked at the number of people roaming about, post St.Paddy’s day. Most hailing taxis and trying to get home. The airport itself was absolutely mobbed with post-partiers, most with face paint and giant green hats still intact. I guess people fly in from all over Europe for one day, discount flyers like Ryan Air making it all possible. Just amazing to me that these kids would leave their partyer and head to the airport and home.

It promises to be an interesting day – we’ve had a big delay and 3 gate changes. Go figure.

After much a abortive fiddling with trying to get the local internet access to work, I was finally able to get these posts blogged. So here we are, waiting on the plane and wondering if my connection in Atlanta now has an outside chance.