I ran out of toothpaste on Thursday in Shanghai, those little tubes are simply not enough for 10+ days. So I went shopping for a replacement at the Parkson across the street from my hotel. Parksons is a combination upscale cosmetics, home electronics, clothes and grocery store.

There were many choices, I settled on Colgate because they were the one firm that stated they did not allow ethylene glycol in their products, a scandal that erupted early last year. Crest and the others were ambiguous in their statements.

I don’t read Chinese all that well, so I chose “green” as my flavor and tonight I cracked it open. It is the most hideous shade of green, completely clear and loaded with little white squares. The flavor – best described as mentholated green tea.

I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Luckily it’s a big enough tube such that I will have plenty to bring home.