Dawn breaks early this time of year in a place with no Daylight Saving adjustment, the sun starts streaming in the window about 4 Am. I resisted the urge for a long, long time until I finally gave in and got up about 30 minutes earlier than planned. The day looked pretty nice with the shipyard across the way clearly visible through the light haze. The weather held and we had sun all day long, although at the end, with the sun still pretty high up in the sky, the light looked like dust, such was the filtering power of the stuff pumped into the air during the work day.

And speaking of work, I had plenty of it today including a decent tour of the construction site. This of course mean little of interest from a blog standpoint, but as is often the case, dinner trumps all.

We decided to make it easy tonight an visit Pizza King, an old haunt from visits of the past. It’s smack across the street from the Shangri La, the food is good and it’s just plain simple. Besides, where can you get a pizza and a mug of beer in a pizzeria with live entertainment belted out in a grand piano? The menu provides some gems, as seen below –

The food is good, but the entertainment is what it’s all about. Our chanteuse opened with “The Blue Danube”, moved into a sprightly set of ragtime, then on to a strange cover of Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right” then off to some undecipherable pop tunes, a cover of the Carpenter’s “Close to You” that had us all in tears, longing for home. She closed the first set with the the theme from The Sting, whatever the heck that song is called. After a break she returned with “Auld Lange Syne” and then more indecipherable pop tunes and it was time to head out the door, an evening well spent in being entertained.

On the way out the door, I made a gesture of clapping and she smiled and waved, never missing a beat as her left hand just kept on playing.