I had forgotten that I had used one of my storehouse full of “regional updgrade” to move myself into First Class on today’s early flight. It didn’t really sink in until I took a look at my ticket and realized I was in the first row. What a nice way to start the day!

Today’s flight left at the unholy hour of 6 AM which meant up at 4 and out of the house by 4:40. Surprisingly, I made it with only 10 minutes to spare, the big hang-up being the security check which was absolutely mobbed. I guess people like to take to the air early on Monday morning.

I settled myself into my extra wide seat with facing a bulkhead and stretched out. The attendant brought me a nice little glass of orange juice to slake my pre-take-off thirst, such as it was. We got up in the air and the service got better from there. I guess I understand why people pay a premium for these seats, but I doubt I ever will be able to bring myself to that point, unlimited orange juice is just not that compelling.

Unlike the rest of the bunch in back, we were treated to a “snack box” which had the oddest combination of snacks. Gummy Bears, mixed nuts, pretzels with orange/rasperry mustard dipping sauce and a tin of pasta and vegetables prepared in France via the “Optimal Method” that guaranteed freshness in the absence of preservatives. None of it was really breakfast fare but I did manage to make my way through 1/2 the Bears, 1/3 the pretzels and all of the nuts, early hours be damned.

Easy flight over and down to the ground where I realized just how early it really was. The security bus from the domestic to the international terminal was not yet running, so we had to hoof it. The international security line had exactly one person in line, which was nice for a change and once through I was sad to see that the Red Carpet Lounge did not open for another 15 minutes. I guess they get up late here in the City By The Sea in contrast to Albuquequeans. So I waited and now here I sit in this comfortable cocoon drinking Lemon Tea and thinking about a second danish or banana killing the remaining 3 hours of my 5 hour layover.

5 hour layover, what was I thinking?