This is a very unusual species, seen only in a few parking lots in central southeastern Arizona. I was lucky enough to first encounter it when I was walking into work the other morning. And amazingly, I’ve seen it every day since.

A not so terribly feral gray tabby that exists apparently on the largess of workers heading into the building. The first time I saw it, it stood up as I approached, stretched and then completely ignored me instead waiting for the woman walking in behind me who had brought it some breakfast. Today, it didn’t even bother to look up as I stopped to take its picture.

Left work and headed to the rental car center where the young man managing the buses intended to take us to the airport was clearly way in over his head. Now how this can be, I am not sure. But judging from his propensity for sending buses to each of the bays that lacked any passengers, I would say he needed a queuing theory refresher course. By the time he finally gave us one, we were a horde and there was barely room for anyone to stand, let alone sit. So we sat there in sort of a moving Black Hole of Calcutta silence as we drove to the terminal. The driver announced our arrival in some language that suddenly transported me back to China, it was that unintelligible. But word came back from the front that we were indeed at Southwest.

So now I sit on my little bench waiting. It’s an interesting bench, as it’s partly detached below and so it moves every time you get up and down. I was fine until a youngish English woman (judging from the accent) came to join me, two positions to my right. She must have been a pro wrestler at some point in her past, because the way she launches herself up and down into her seat (which is about every 8 seconds) she has clearly spent time being thrown to a mat. I thought I was fine when her ample male companion came along in that he would perhaps proved a balance to my side of the fulcrum, but no, she is still hell-bent on wrenching my poor back at every opportunity.

It’s getting funny, by now I have been abused by just about every member of the European Community on some trip or another. And they say that Americans are rude travelers.

Ah, she just left.