I arrived at the train station just after 10 AM, this time finding my way inside without doing the Stations of the Locked Doors. The square was pretty much empty aside from a few couples. Emo boys were getting the hives tuned up in a couple of parlors. The ticket line posed no challenges, I asked for Dalian and handed over my 4 kuai – 70 cents.

Not so easy with the entry gate which I jammed by walking into it. Normally you rub your entry pass on the screen and the bar opens. I was doing it wrong and a helpful young woman grabbed my pass and got me in.

Up 4 flights of marble stairs to the platform where dozens of people were already lined up where the doors to the cars would appear. Unlike Shanghai, there are no marks on the ground, I guess the lines form from experience. The view from the train is far different than that from the parallel expressway, far more local and trashier. I’m standing in the crush, I guess the train to town is a popular thing to do on Sunday morning.

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