Not much of a blog tonight, just a couple of things worth sharing. Had dinner with friends and walked down to the park by the bay to see the fan dancers again. Their numbers have grown with the warm weather and it was nice to see them dancing precisely, pink and green fans waving in the waning light. Tonight many of the women were dressed in white uniforms designating some sort of dancing club I suspect.

I took this photo of an apartment building reflecting in what I like to call Stinky Pond. It’s a catchment basin built for scenic effect and when it’s hot, it is foul. Tonight it was completely still and although it was deep dusk, a 2 second exposure did the trick. The pink on the building is a reflection from the neon across the street.

Finally, I managed to capture a few seconds of the nightly Tai Chi gathering in the neighborhood behind my building. It was dark, and I wanted to be surreptitious so the video is not ideal. But I think you get the idea.