Ha ha, stupid pop-culture pun, I know. But it’s the truth.

Took a walk tonight just to get out of the apartment, waiting until dark because I wanted to go down the street and shoot some video of this building at the entrance to Kai Fa Qu that puts on quite a light show.

Lots of people out on the street, many walking and playing with their little yappy dogs. One woman had brought along a plant sprayer to cool off her Pomeranian. It would stop, she would spray its little orange face.

Two blocks up the road, the street back by my place the sky erupted with fireworks celebrating the opening of a new apartment building. Just my luck, had I waited 10 minutes to leave I would have been right under them satisfying my wish to try some explosion shots with my new camera. Nothing lost, I’ll be surprised if I don’t end up with 10 dozen more opportunities the way they love them around here.

Lots Chinese spend their evenings sitting out on the sidewalk. Given their disdain for air conditioning and their obvious hatred of cold air, I imagine their apartments are ovens this time of year. So once it’s dark they head downstairs to catch whatever breeze might find its way to them. Sitting and visiting, letting the children ride their bikes or strolling along, hand in hand, arm and arm whispering tomorrow’s plans.

I stayed down at the square across the street from the building in question taking video and watching the world go by. A couple of lightrail trains slid past on the elevated rail. Known as the “qinggui”, its pronunciation (ching gway) sounds more Spanish than Chinese. And not too polite at that. Heading home I passed a nightclub that had a great video display that took up the entire front of the building. I thought for a minute about recording it but the bouncers standing out in front looked as though they might frown on me doing so.

The bottom picture was taken driving home from work tonight. Check out the license plate. Numbers obscured to protect the innocent.