Galway was a nice day of rest, out of the car and away from the challenges of driving on these roads. It’s a tidy little medieval city with the same sort of twisty lanes as Barcelona although not so many. Much smaller, we covered most of the interesting sights in a couple of hours of easy walking. The layout of the city retains its original ancient charm but there isn’t much of the original architecture aside from the occasional piece of the city walls (Spanish Arch being the best), St. Nicholas’ Church and a 16th century fortified manor house that is now used as a bank.

The weather was cool and sunny and only at the end of the day did it get bad again with driving rain and strong winds. The rain did let up in time to allow us to go out for an excellent Italian dinner of Saltimbocca and Pasta de la Casa along with a second night of pannacotta (strawberry of all things) and a chocolate-pear strudel that was unique and very tasty. Quay Street was abandoned last night due to the conditions, peopled only by hard core partiers and students who I imagine figured that since they were here, they were going to do something.

All in all a nice place to spend a short day with good coffee, lunch and dinners.