We got out of the house on time, with a plan to stop at the post office and arrived there to find a line longer than any we’ve seen on December 24th. Why you might ask did everyone in Corrales have something to mail at 9:30 on April 15th? Ah we’ll, our best intentions of sending Schubert’s No. 9 to our friend up north came to naught.

Not much to say about the drive to the airport except for the idiot we encountered while trying to get into the parking structure. Apparently the $10 a day charge was too rich for his tastes so he did a u-turn and headed back up the entrance towards us. My look of amazement was greeted by being flipped off and spit at – typical behavior for someone caught blatantly doing something stupid.

That was pretty much the height of excitement, the rest of the trip so far has been mild and easy and now we sit and wait for the big bird across the sea.