I’m not the most aggressive “street photographer,” I sort of firmly believe in leaving people alone to their lives. But once in a while a circumstance presents itself and I muster the courage to walk up to someone and tell them I want to make them my Picture of the Day. 

Today was one of those days. I was loading up my kayak for trip out on the ocean and I saw this guy standing down the beach in his flannel jammy pants playing a sax. Well not really playing because all he was doing was blowing the same note for as long as his breath held. Taking his picture was going to inconvenience me because it meant going back inside and getting my camera and walking over and speaking. But I felt it was worth it so I went and got it and trudged down the beach. 

I stood and waited while he played out his breath and when opened his eyes, he jumped a bit, not expecting someone to be standing so close. I explained my project and told him I wanted him to be the shot for today and smiled and graciously assented. I offered that he would be in good company, like a Chinese restaurant worked I once shot holding a flounder. I lined him up and took the shot, only later noting the incredulous retiree in the background. 

I thanked him and without missing a beat, he winked as I walked away. I went out in my boat and came back around in an estuary perhaps a half kilometer behind where I’d left him. I could here him still blowing that one note and maybe, I might have heard an actual riff as I drifted with the current.