This morning was mostly about coffee, gelato and shopping. We had a few more boxes to check off and once those were accomplished we had a nice lunch at one of the restaurants downstairs. Another chance to sample one more version of my favorite pork-cheek stew. There were a lot more tourist groups out in the streets this morning and many of the shops were full of people. We did get a chance to stop by and chat with Didier who runs one of our favorite gift shops by the Casa Pilatos museum. We’d told him we’d been in his home country (France) and about the surprising lack of security. These comments really set him off, he explaining how the problem had started 40 years ago in his childhood and that even today, they just don’t get it.
The weather had improved to where the sky was more frequently blue than gray and I don’t think we were rained on at all. While the rain has been annoying, it’s been far nicer than our last Feria when the temperatures were in the 90’s. Small favors I guess.

While we were sitting and coffee Macarena texted me to extend an invitation to visit her family caseta tonight. We had pretty much decided on a quiet evening of getting ready to leave and certainly not on another walk across town. But she asked with such “vigor” that we decided this was one of those moments when you either act or look back years later sorry that you didn’t. We decided accept, and I can’t wait to see what our second visit will be like, this time slightly in the action instead of outside of it.