As is tradition with every trip abroad, it’s time for a compilation of Selfie Sticks. Deep down in my heart, I hope each year that the fad will have run its course and each year I am disappointed. It’s what happens when you put your trust in the mercurial nature of people. Although with bans in places like Disneyland, I might be forgiven for thinking that common sense would prevail, but here in the Eternal City, some things apparently are eternal.

(As always, click to enlarge)

The Man Who Started it All – The Selfie Stick Seller

Day One, Selfie with Pantheon Oculus

Castel Sant’Angelo Selfie

Ponte Sant’Angelo Selfie

Sometimes The Cheap Sticks Don’t Work Selfie

Piazza Navona Selfie

The Ultimate – Two Selfies at a Time!

Grand Self-Tour of Europe Selfie

Caught Me Maybe Selfie

Forgot About Me Selfie 

One Last Selfie at the Coluseum Selfie

Foro Romano Selfie

Misuse of Selfie Stick While Insulting the Honor of the Musei Vaticani Selfie

 GoPro in the Musei Vaticani Selfie

Piazza Popolo Family Selfie
(note kid hiding under blanket)

And finally, Back to Plaza Navona Selfie