After our last experience with Airbnb, we decided to go back to our roots and use VRBO. A lot has changed in 3 years, the advantages of Airbnb (credit card checkout, contact information, portable booking data on the phone) have been copied by VRBO and so now it’s just as easy to use. Plus, no chance of renting an apartment with the owner’s “crafting area” covered in tarps.
We chose this place because of the location – Mateo Gagos is central to everything and close to our favorite restaurants. It’s noisy though.
Mateo Gago 23 is located on the first floor (primera planta) about a half-block up from the busiest area. So less human noise and cooking smells but still a lot of traffic noise. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dressing room, washing machine and long, long halls, typical of these 16th century building conversions. Lots of air and light due to the air shafts off all the back rooms. One the whole, a nice apartment, lacking mainly the same things other rentals lack – lighting, comfortable furniture and a decent mattress. Much like every owner-operated rental, the investment is minimal and so it’s the guests that deal. I’d probably rent it again though, based on the location and the space.