It’s always great to be back, despite the slog it takes to get here.

This trip was particularly mundane, despite the length and the 24 hours of awakedness it required to complete it. On the plane I was lucky enough to have an empty seat between me and the other person in the row. Sadly she was a space-hog who assumed the gap was for her personal use and filled it with computers, blankets, reading glasses, other stuff and a 1/2 full glass of water.

Did have one little traveling oddity though. When I left two Saturdays ago I sat across from a couple on the ABQ to SFO run. They were well-dressed and of an age, the kind of people I might hang out with in real life.

Sitting in the SFO waiting area and munching on a turkey-avocado sandwich on a chewy croissant, I looked up and there they were, sitting across from me. We boarded the plane and once again, they had the row opposite. This being too serendipitous, I excused myself and told the man the situation. He said he recognized me but thought perhaps I was a work acquaintence. Turns out they’d been in Thailand for exactly the same duration as my stay in Shanghai. We had a nice chat for part of the flight.

So if that’s not proof that the world is small, I don’t know what is. Maybe Ted can offer is erudite opinion.

Please tune back in two weeks from now – it’ll once again be back around the world time.