I’ve always had a general liking for Garlic Toast, that is until it showed up on a desert platter as the partner of a blob of Yam flavored ice cream. But more about that as the tale wears on.

Late spring is upon us here and even this morning was pretty sticky as we headed out for a morning walk. Even at 6:3o, the streets were buzzing and it was easy to work up a patina with even the slightest notion of a power walk. We decided to head down to Rotting Patrol Boat Park but walked past and on to the bigger version across the street. It was busy in there today with many people waving flags and doing tai chi. Exiting on the far side and planning to re-enter on the other side of the block, I noticed the Carrefore store looming in the distance. Lo and behold I had discovered a short cut to Zhongshan Park. Let no challenge be left unaccepted is my motto and so off we went to the bigger, better greenspace up the road.

Zhongshan was even more mobbed but the walk was pleasant. Lots of kite flyers were plying their hobby including many with versions that resembled raptors. It was quite amusing to see how easily they were able to get theirs aloft, reminding me of all those coronaries narrowly avoided while running back and forth trying to get one up into the air. These guys know what they’re doing.

From there, breakfast and work and planning for dinner.

Tonight’s destination was People’s 6, the minus one sibling of People’s 7, the ultra-modern, concrete wonder bar in the French Concession. I like that place – it’s so weird with the black clad waiters and the flashing lights they wear around their necks and in their hair. It took two cabs but we got there pretty much as a group and went in for a great dinner comprised of a dozen or so little dishes. The pictures below suggest the lighting which is very sparse, creating an atmosphere of I don’t know what.

In the other place, the restroom doors are reverse hinged so that you can’t get in by pushing on the side with the handles. Here, they’re down at the end of a multi-turn mirror maze. Keep those desperate people guessing is a great approach to the restaurant business I reckon.

Which brings me to the desert tray. Aptly named “desert selection on a square tile” it was made up of a couple of pieces of chocolate pound cake, a little scoop of strawberry ice cream, a slice of citrus cheesecake, an amorphous, gelatinous blob that contained a red bean and the aforementioned garlic toast with yam ice cream. The toast appeared to be some sort of slim biscotti, until you popped it in your mouth and found it out for what it was. From there, it was a challenge to figure out which of the other deserts would cleanse the garlic flavor from your mouth. A flavor that should have been left with the last bite of Three Style Pork. I won’t go into the yam ice cream other than to mention it was purple and didn’t taste like yams.

The area around the restaurant is great for a stroll so we decided to walk off some of the food and headed out and down the street. Like every other neighborhood here, it was busy. Most interesting though was the violin shop we encountered, the walls lined with instruments and a few people sitting around a table busy in a flurry of re-stringing.

Tomorrow it’s back to work but tonight it’s off to bed, the burden of yesterday’s travel pulling heavily on my eye lids.