Well it’s time to stop enjoying the sunny sands of Old Mexico and get back to work. Monday starts early with my first major trip of the year – a couple of weeks in China followed by a few days in Ireland. The oddball vagaries of airplane ticket pricing actually made it cheaper for me to combine the trips into one, grand global circumnavigation versus separate trips. As in many thousands of dollars cheaper.

Honestly, how do the bean counters on Airline A justify a one-way from Dublin to Albuquerque for $408 when Airline D is asking $2500 for the same trip through Atlanta? Does is make sense that ABQ to Shanghai back to ABQ, wait two days and then ABQ to Dublin to ABQ is 3x the cost of just going around? None of it is clear to me, but it doesn’t matter because I’m finally able to achieve a lifetime goal – all 24 time zones on one ticket. Or should I say a passel of tickets?

But it comes at a price – leaving home without a few, key reserved seats.

It might come as a surprise to many of you, but I am a bit of a finicky traveler. I like things to be arranged, defined and locked in. It would be easier for me to leave home without pants than to go out the door without locater numbers, times, itineraries and all the things that for me indicate a strong likelihood of a successful, stress-free trip. Not this time though, I may very well end up in center seats across the cerulean skies of Asia, between strangers. Simply another opportunity for personal growth.

Check in next week to see how my personal development is coming along.