Following the train trip, I made my way to the check in gate and got in the special treatment line. Not as special as First Class but more special than the proletariat line.

A small problem with my final destination ensued when the agent insisted that I should go only to Frankfurt. I held my ground, “Dublin” I claimed. After producing my itinerary, he relented and checked my bag all the way through. I on the other hand will have to check myself again upon arrival.

Matt received an invitation to the business lounge while I did not. So I marched back to the check in line and waited until a First Class agent waved me over. I explained that I did not receive an invitation and she asked me what program I am a member of. I told her and she told me that I need Gold status to use the lounge. I replied that that was odd, because I always get a lounge card. Rather than argue, she just have me the card, checking the box for the lower class lounge. Not easily dissuaded, I just checked the other box and went to the fancier version.

After hanging out there among the throngs I decided to go out and walk around a bit as I’m about to be sitting around for the next 14 hours or so. Problem is, once you’re down here on the gate level, there are no restrooms or even a place to sit. So I went back up top, went down to another level for the bathroom then back up to find a gate that was not in use where I could sneak back down again. They say a French firm designed this place and left it to the Chinese to finish. If you just followed my short trip, I think you’ll agree that the hand off was not smooth.