What better way to explore the magic of direct Blackberry to Blog technology than to do it from the Maglev bullet train.

The next few entries will be from my phone, so please excuse any obvious errors. Typing a lengthy piece from a phone with two letters per key is challenging for someone with my thumbs. I thought though that real time blogging the next phase of the trip would be a worthwhile experiment, so here we are.

Currently passing 400 kph one our way to 430. The scenery flies by outside, changing from industrial to rural, the being the fringes of Pudong on the Yangtze Delta. The train on the opposite tracks passes with a poof in about 1 seconds time.

A look out the window tells us we made the right call – the road in to the airport is jammed due to a wreck.

And then it’s over, 6 minutes and we arrive at the airport.

More later!