The ones with the little Bluetooth thingamabobber stuck in their ear.

I'm sitting in the ABQ airport nursing my latest addiction, an iced cafe mocha and partaking of my favorite pastime, people watching.

It's an amazing thing to watch these hands free phone users, their gestures and mannerisms and facial expressions give the impression that they actually see the person they are talking to. A thousand years ago, or for that matter, a hundred years ago, these people would have been incarcerated, tortured and treated with leeches, wasps and a good dose of hot instrumentation. These days they just blither on blithely as though they're in a real conversation, and that no one is looking at them like they're nuts. Ah, how the times have changed, and perhaps not for the better.

Travel season begins again for me today, with a short hop up north to Boulder to visit the kids and to deliver some couture accessories hot out of the Hongqiao market.

From here though, I am off on the old one, two, three punch of Arizona, China, China/Japan with a week or weekend in between at best. As the work begins to shift 15 time zones to the east, so will I.

But for now, it's world class people on parade, a cup of coffee and time to think.

Source = Blackberry