Well, interesting only if you find driving to the airport worthy of that special appelation.

Here I am again waiting on another delayed Soutwest flight, this time to Phoenix, my second home. They aren’t any crazy people talking to the air here in the waiting area, but as always the humanity on display offers much worth appreciating.

The drive in though was different today, if only for the minor variations on those 19.5 miles that I can usually do with my eyes closed.

It began only 2 miles from home when a cell phone addled driver decided to stop in the middle of our main drag because he saw a nice parking spot opening in front of the local store. Never mind that there is about an acre’s worth of parking, this guy wanted that spot, and a good approach so he just stopped in the middle of the road to allow the departing pickup truck a few 1000 yards of clearance. He finally figured out that the road was not a personal approach vector, perhaps due to me laying on the horn.

From there, just the regular haul down Alameda to I25 and into the regular late afternoon slow down at Montgomery. Never mind they recently expanded this section to 6 lanes, for some reason the traffic still crawls through this section. Clearing that, I passed the Big I and into the Safety Corridor (site of my last speeding ticket) and on towards the airport exit.

When the traffic came to a complete standstill.

Looking ahead I could see cars dodging in and out of the lines so I cut across 3 lanes and exited at Gibson, figuring I’d take the age old entrance to the Sunport.

Forgetting the ancestral trail, I turned right onto University figuring there would be an entrance to Sunport Blvd. at the top, given the new hotels and the car parks.

Wrong! I dead-ended in a neighborhood and had to retrace my steps back to Gibson and up to Yale which is the proper traditional way of getting to the parking garage.

Once there, through security and with a coffee in hand (this is starting to sound repetitive?) I settled in for a 90 minute wait until boarding. Well, it was 90 but it expanded to 100 while writing this.

And so here we are, off again to another week living in a Marriott.