Today was dedicated to rest. I picked up some sort of head cold bug either on the way over or just before I left. Not much in the way of symptoms, in my case just a painful tightness in the chest that turned into an ugly cough. I felt pretty crappy on the Cluny Musée day but soldiered through it and yesterday I was quite a bit better. Last night it grabbed MLW and so today was her down day. We spent it hanging out, reading and napping. By late afternoon though it was time to get some air and so we took a walk down to Bon Marché to collect some dinner. 

What a difference a day makes. Friday night was busy, Saturday night was mobbed. We had a short list of staples and decided on another interesting quiche for dinner. While we were heading to the checkout, I saw the juice aisle and had a memory – last night while I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep, I thought about Blood Orange juice. Blutorange was the name of the German product I used to buy at Metro in Dalian and it was one of those little things that really kept me sane during my time there. I developed a taste for it and remember being crestfallen when close to the end of my term there, it disappeared. I suppose the ship carrying the Blood Orange supply must have gone down in the middle of the Pacific, or perhaps it was on a train that was hijacked in Tajikistan, because it disappeared I never saw it again. In any store. And it was sad. But here I was, close to the source and lo and behold, there it was Oranges Sanguines as it’s known here. I grabbed a bottle and checked out.

On the way home I unloaded some more of those useless Euros, this time with an old down at the heel Santa Claus type. He was very grateful. As we walked up our rue, the sky was completely crystal clear and the sun was just disappearing at the buildings off in the distance. A truly nice night.