We took some time this morning to set the stage for tomorrow’s depart. Laundry, gathering stuff, things that need to be done to meet out early pick-up. We had a late breakfast and went down into another rainy day. I’ll say this, Paris has met every one of our expectations except for weather. 

We exit our building each time through the bottom of the airshaft. Today, with all the rain it was flooded. But the kindly construction workers had built a nice walkway using scraps of lumber and plywood. Talk about an upscale vacation.  Outside it was still misting, enough for an umbrella and just the right amount of wind to turn it inside out every half block. Crossing Vaneau we took a left up Varenne and passing the Rodin Museum we crossed the boulevard and wound around Invalides. Our goal – a Starbucks on Rue Ste. Dominique. Yes, I know, but the old reliable makes getting a cup of coffee easy. Besides, where else can you get a warm drink and listen to Getz and Gilberto while drinking it. 

Besides, we’re in sight of La Tour Eiffel so our cultural appropriation is acceptable.