An easy day rolling around town looking for birds that were off doing something else in a different place. While the birds let us down, we still managed to have a couple of moments. 

One of the people we know here plays the Didgeridoo. Ten years ago or more ago there were a few people who played them, who gathered each night by the sea to sing the sun down into the ocean. We always came out to watch, and I took a couple of photos of them one New Year’s Eve. Well, today I showed them to Rodger, a guy who plays here now, and lo and behold, they were photos of a much younger version of him. Tonight he was playing again, so I memorialized the occasion with a video –

Once the mosquitoes forced us away from the seawall we headed out for one more dinner of tacos and beer. It was once again music night so it meant lots of dancing with the locals. Tonight there was a long table of “Mexicans of an age” who were just a blast to watch. Every time we tried to take a break, one of them sashayed over and dragged us back out on to the dance floor. We danced until the band called it quits, at the wee hour of 8PM.