I’d intended to include a video of the dancing at JJ’s Tacos in yesterday’s blog, but the WiFi at our condo is just so miserable that it simply wouldn’t load. After a dozen attempts, the message was the same, “The server is tired of your pathetic attempts to communicate and is, therefore, terminating your relationship.” Which meant more extreme measures were called for.

So once Sunday morning dawned and after we polished off our breakfast of eggs, bolillo with peanut butter and the finest Mexican bacon, tocino, it was off to our new coffee hang-out, Meri Meri, to make use of their monthly internet data allocation.

It’s an amazing thing that after only three visits your order is already underway the moment you close your car door. A wonderful feeling actually. Stuff like this makes me feel sad to go home, and I truly hope they survive until our next visit. Great kids behind the counter, and more importantly, great coffee.

But back to the story at hand and the reason for this blog – here’s the video of the Mexican Dons and Doñas having an exciting Saturday night out. 

And finally here’s one of me and the (in)famous JJ himself.